Flexible Loans for Growing Businesses

Exclusively available to Anza Accelerator Clients

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Anza Growth Fund provides direct loan financing at a lower rate than local banks with favorable repayment terms, tailored to their business cycle & needs

I had been struggling for months, trying to find ways at which we could continue growing sustainably, so that we could ensure that we meet our current and future demands for our products and services. In a short time, [Anza] have identified several areas of improvement, and for the first time in weeks I now know exactly what has to be done.
Affordable, Flexible Loans from the Anza Growth Fund

Through the Anza Accelerator entrepreneurs can apply for up to $10,000 in flexible, low cost loans, designed to fit their needs!

  • Amounts up to $10,000 
  • 6% Interest Rate (Less than half the average market interest rate)
  • Flexible Collateral Requirements
  • Creative Repayment Plans (monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual)
  • Exclusive for past and present Anza Accelerator entrepreneurs


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