Anza Accelerator

12 months of full-scale business acceleration services.





Who we’re looking for

1. You Are In-Market or Have a Track Record of Success

  • Business model is viable 
  • Business is operating


2. You Are Committed & Serious About Growing Your Business 

  • Working full time (or desire to be) on your business

3. Your Business is Delivering a Social Impact Beyond Employment

  • Product or service improves the lives of low/middle income families
  • Including large numbers of low/middle income families in the business supply chain

Services We Offer

Anza entrepreneurs get access to all of the standard services PLUS one of the additional premium Services.


  • Standard Services

    Bankable Business Plan

    Our Business Development Team works closely with the entrepreneur to provide a tailored business plan suiting the needs of each entrepreneur. All plans will include detailed financial statements.

  • Strategic Consulting

    After creating your business plan, we are in a unique position to identify the strategic challenges and opportunities that your enterprise is facing. Our Business Development team will create a strategic consulting package tailored to your specific needs and support you through important business decisions.

  • International Professionals

    We pair our clients with expert business mentors who provide in-person, one-on-one advising for 4-12 weeks. Mentors from across the globe help to implement accounting systems, develop marketing strategies, improve supply chain management, prepare businesses for investment, and more. 

    (Learn more about becoming an International Professional with Anza)

  • Single & Multi Day Business Trainings

    Anza’s comprehensive trainings offer a practical way for business leaders to learn new skills that they can apply directly to their companies. We offer weekly workshops in topics such as business finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and management, taught by expert faculty.

  • Loan Fund Eligibility

    Through an exclusive partnership with our partner Loan Fund, Anza entrepreneurs can apply for debt financing with below market interest rates. These loans are only available to clients who have met the funds independent requirements. 

  • Additional Support Services

    Entrepreneurs will also have access to a range of additional services such as access to probono legal support from our partner TrustLaw, research advisory, fundraising support and more.

  • Premium Services

    Brand and Website Design

    Anza’s design team will build your brand and increase the exposure and reach of your company. With website design, logo creation, business cards, and advertisement and marketing support, this popular package will turn your company into a known and trusted brand.

  • In-Depth Finance and Accounting Support

    Having a strong finance system is essential for any company, and particularly for entrepreneurs. Our dedicated team of finance experts is able to assist you in all aspects of setting up or improving your company’s financial system – from advising on software, training on bookkeeping, designing internal controls and independent examinations of your finances.

  • HR & Management Systems

    Our HR & Management package supports the modern manager in key strategic decisions, such as hiring key staff, developing staff recruitment plans, and building performance evaluation systems.

  • Business Process Improvements

    Our experienced professionals will perform thorough reviews of your production or other business processes, identify areas of potential efficiency and recommend realistic solutions to improve output and reduce costs.

  • Investment Advisory

    Through the Investment Advisory package, we will get you ready for larger scale investment. Our specialized team will support you on researching potential investors, pitch development, proposal writing, and intensive personal coaching to take your business to the next level.

The Anza office is based in Moshi with plans for expansion into Arusha this year. In order to get the maximum benefit from our services we recommend that you are within a reasonable travelling distance from one of the offices.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you to grow your social business then please contact us at

Featured Businesses

  • Jasmijn Bleijerveld - Jasmine Bee

    Jasmijn Bleijerveld - Jasmine Bee

    Jasmine Bee is an organic Tanzanian honey brand of exclusive quality created through improvement of traditional beekeeping sector that will enable the sustainable development of livelihoods and conservation of biodiversity. Jasmijn produces honey and beeswax at Kisampa Community Consveration Sanctuary. Currently, they work with 150 hives in Kisampa, providing apiculture training, coaching and market linkage to prospective beekeepers in the area. Jasmine Bee plans to expand to 1,000 hives in 2016 and establish their high quality product in various international markets.
  • John Mugo - Micro Health Initiative

    John Mugo - Micro Health Initiative

    In Tanzania only 7% of the population has access to health insurance, and there is no formal infrastructure to cover the other 93% of the population. Seeking to address this gap in accessibility and affordability of basic health care services, MHI offers low cost health insurance to low and middle-income earners across the region. They have three tiered products covering a range of different services at varying price points. Additionally, MHI provides electronic health record solutions to clinics in the region to improve effectiveness and quality of their operations. John and the MHI hope to reach 10,000 new lives with their products by the end of 2016.
  • Liz McNiel - Last Mile

    Liz McNiel - Last Mile

    Last Mile is a new social business which improves access to affordable, life-changing products and services through a distribution network of trained, local sales agents. The distribution model involves a decentralised network of sales agents who earn commission on their sales while providing their communities with the products and services that solve needs and fill gaps in the market. Sales agents are the link to the last-mile, are ambassadors in their communities and are able to improve their own livelihoods while contributing towards positive impact for their neighbours and communities. Last Miles current product portfolio includes AFRIpads, a high-quality brand of reusable sanitary pads; Virutubishi nutritional supplements, a mixture of 10 vitamins and 5 minerals endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare; and a variety of solar light options from the d.light and Sun King product lines, from a small personal solar lamp to solar home systems.
  • Mesiaki Kimirei - Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

    Mesiaki Kimirei - Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

    SWCEA manufactures and distributes the Maji Salama ceramic pot filter that, when used, minimises disease and death from drinking unsafe water. The Maji Salama ceramic filter is a sustainable point-of-use water treatment produced by SWCEA. It cleans water at an effectiveness rate of 99.99%, lasts at least 5 years and costs $40. Over a 5-year life that is $0.001 USD per liter, making safe water accessible and affordable for all. SWCEA hopes to double its production and sale of its filters, which are produced in their factory on the outskirts of Arusha.
  • Robert Mafie - Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT)

    Robert Mafie - Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT)

    ACTT distributes low-cost, high quality refurbished computers obtained from Europe to schools throughout the Kilimanjaro region. The computers are loaded with basic software and specific educational software to enhance learning and extend aid to teachers on their specific subject areas. The reality is that computers are vital in education provision, but most schools and teachers do not have the funds to purchase computers at standard market prices. Already active in 130 schools, ACTT provides affordable instalment based payment plans and ICT training to develop computer labs in schools, empowering teachers and students alike. Additional, higher priced computers, are sold to other customers to provide a diversified revenue stream and support ACTT’s efforts to provide affordable ICT solutions to schools in need.
  • Steve S’ningo - Image Impact

    Steve S’ningo - Image Impact

    Image Impact is a media and production company that assists socially focused organisations in packaging, and communicating their impact to outside parties. Led by Steve S’ningo, an experienced video and documentary journalist who has worked with the likes of CNN and BBC, Image Impact produces documentaries, photograph pieces, and fundraising material for organizations throughout Tanzania.
  • Victoria Riwa - Datasky Systems Training Center

    Victoria Riwa - Datasky Systems Training Center

    With over 15 years experience in vocational education, Datasky Systems Training Center and it’s team of qualified trainers provide students with skills that will shape their future both as employees and self-employed entrepreneurs. Tanzania is facing a youth unemployment crisis which makes vocational training and skill development programs such as Datasky crucial to the economic development of communities in Tanzania.
  • Yaseen Mshuza - Jamii Poultry

    Yaseen Mshuza - Jamii Poultry & Agro Products

    Jamii Poultry & Agro Products produce and sell organic eggs, poultry and other products. Yaseen seeks to uplift and capacity build farmers throughout the Moshi Urban and Rural regions by providing them with access to new markets, training, and yield improving quality inputs. With the support of Jamii Poultry & Agro products, farmers experience near 100% increase in annual egg production, improved survival rates, and higher quality and priced end products.