Finance & HR Internship
Nuru Academy

Business:Nuru Academy
Job Title:Marketing Internship
Salary:100,000 Tsh up keeping allowance plus free lunch & breakfast
Application Deadline:APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Nuru Academy exist to provide affordable education for Middle and low income earners in Kilimanjaro Region. We cater for Nursery and Primary level education, the school has been running for 3 years now. We are early stage business in the beginning of the growth stage.We are seeking for qualified Finance & HR Officer Intern to providing provide support during this growth stage.


Job Description

The Finance & HR Officer Intern will be responsible for the following activities:

Assist the Finance Lead on:

  • Book keeping by recording all the company transactions on an ERP system with careful consideration to the chart of accounts, project codes and statutory deductions/contributions;
  • Auditing inventory physically at the end of every quarter and compare the same to the system counted inventory;
  • Reconciliation of bank statements every month;
  • Managing the petty cash box and general cash disbursements using the imprest method;
  • Managing the fixed asset register;
  • Follow up with customers on pending payments using the aged receivables report;
  • Payroll including payslips, TRA and NSSF payments, and consultant/service provider payments including withholding taxes;
  • Reconciling invoices on a weekly basis, managing aged receivables, and other finance-related needs as may arise;
  • Staying abreast of updates on government policies and legislation, particularly monitoring publications on Tanzania’s Official Gazette;
  • Preparation of general paper work for submission to government entities, parastatal organizations, investors, donors and other parties, as may be needed by College and regulators;

Assist on HR duties, including:

  • Enforcing HR policies (as per Employee Handbook) and ensuring all employees understand and adhere to these policies;
  • Being an impartial and unbiased representative of employees to the company, and of the company to employees;
  • Ensuring all contracts and staff records (documents/letters/forms) are properly completed and filed, and that these adhere to corporate and regulatory policies;
  • Helping to on-board new staff, off-board departing staff, enforcing finance (and HR) policies, and liaising with external consultants (finance, HR) as needed;
  • Representing the College at CMA hearings, as needed;


Requirements for this Position

  • Bachelor’s degree, diploma or equivalent in Finance, Economics, Commerce or Accounting, with a minor in Human Resources Management;
  • At least 3 month of experience as Accountant, Senior Bookkeeper or as HR Manager; procurement skills and in-depth knowledge of the labour law are highly desirable;
  • Ability to negotiate with government and contractors, follow correct regulatory and procurement procedures;
  • Ability to conduct Microsoft Excel-based analysis and reporting;
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both oral and written, in Swahili and English, particularly for legal and regulatory letters/documents and for investor reporting;
  • Must be highly skilled in computer productivity packages such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps and Accounting Systems;
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and be sensitive to foreign culture;
  • Ability to work independently, with limited supervision

How To Apply

The applicant should send his/her resume which is not less than 3 sheets with cover letter to the email address before 07/06/2018.
Don’t attach the copies of your certificates at this stage.
The subject of the email should be Finance & HR Officer Intern 2018

In applying for this job you will automatically also be considered for the Finance & HR Internship at YCS College. Please do no apply to both.