Ecosystem Building

How we are helping to build and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Tanzania.

Kili Hub

In 2015 Anza launched the largest co-working space in Tanzania. Kili Hub enables social impact organisations and businesses to work together, towards a Tanzania where every person has the opportunity to improve their lives. 

Within the Kilimanjaro Region, information, skills, and resources aren’t mobilised efficiently and organisations face many similar challenges. We believe through working together and sharing skills and knowledge, we can overcome these challenges.

Kili Hub not only provides office space, but holds meaningful activities such as workshops, trainings, networking events and working groups, which bring together our community and allow us all to work towards a common goal, improving the lives of individuals throughout the Kilimanjaro Region and beyond.

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Anza Innovation Challenge

A business plan competition spurring student innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.


Anza Innovation Challenge aims to inspire innovation and social entrepreneurship amongst Tanzanian university students through a social business plan competition. Anza run the three phase social entrepreneurship programme through universities. We support student entrepreneurs from an initial idea to investment readiness, with the winners gaining a place on the Anza Accelerator. The initial AIC programme consists of:

  • Inspirational workshops, training and networking events
  • A two part business plan competition, providing seed funding for the winners
  • Ongoing mentoring and business development support
  • Connecting student entrepreneurs with wider communities and opportunities

Innovation Mapping

Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem in Tanzania

The Innovation Ecosystem of Tanzania, is a complex system comprised of multiple players, connections, resources, processes, and creativity. Wanting to find answers to the questions of who is innovating and how innovators connect and are supported, lead the Human Development Innovation Fund to commission a team to investigate. 

The extensive research was undertaken by an Anza-led consortium of the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (IMED), and Diligent Consulting.

The full research report ‘The Innovation Ecosystem of Tanzania‘ explores views of stakeholders from each region of Tanzania and across multiple sectors.  The results of this research are intended to help inform which tools need to be developed, and how to improve connection between innovation stakeholders. An accompanying interactive map can also be found at