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Anza Accelerator

In partnership with African Entrepreneur Collective, Anza provides high-impact social businesses with 12 months of full-scale business acceleration services. 

We pair Anza accelerator entrepreneurs with international professionals who provide in-person, one-on-one advice and assistance for 4-12 weeks. 

You can read more about the Anza Accelerator here. 

Who we’re looking for

  • You are experienced business professional looking to volunteer in Tanzania and make a powerful difference in a social business. 

  •  You want to spend 6-12 weeks testing your professional skills in a challenging new environment. 

  • You will be paired with an entrepreneur who needs your specific expertise so that your time in Tanzania will create a sustained impact on their business. 

  • Previous International Professionals have helped to implement accounting systems, develop marketing strategies, improve supply chain management, prepare businesses for investment, and more.

Chirag with Anza entrepreneur Robert - CEO of ACTT
Chirag with Anza entrepreneur Robert – CEO of ACTT

Chirag joined Anza as a International Professional working with Jasmine Bee and Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT).

“Having been looking for an exciting and rewarding experience, I found just that at Anza. As an international professional, the goal was to use my financial background to ensure clients had the right information to drive their business decisions. Together, we implemented systems
and policies that did just that, while also making them more attractive to potential investors. Simultaneously, I found many opportunities to enhance my business development skills by participating in and at times, leading strategic consulting sessions. This ability to take ownership of your experience is a brilliant feature of the role. By the end of my time there, I had seen the direct impact of my work and felt true appreciation from my clients which in itself was a tremendously rewarding experience. To top it off, I was exposed to inspirational ideas and people while making friendships that will last me a lifetime.”

International Professionals – Scope of Work

  • David Mjuni - Arusha Women Entrepreneurs

    David Mjuni - Arusha Women Entrepreneurs

    AWE produces high quality peanut butter using all natural processing techniques for domestic market consumption in Tanzania. AWE are seeking assistance with development of a targeted sales strategy, including market research, sales pitch development, and pricing.
  • Giulia Besana

    Giulia Besana & Tayeb Noorbhai - Totohealth Tanzania

    Totohealth uses a comprehensive and interactive package of lifesaving products/services to help reduce maternal and child morbidity/mortality, including early detection of disabilities in children under 5. Totohealth are seeking assistance in various areas including: Research and recruitment strategy for an SMS platform and business development of a new born survival pack.
  • Gordon Carver - Silverleaf Academy

    Gordon Carver - Silverleaf Academy

    Silverleaf Academy will establish a chain of affordable, high quality private schools in Moshi and beyond, to give children from lower income households a better chance for their future. Silverleaf Academy is seeking assistance with Policy Development, Marketing Strategy and Internal Control Development.
  • Jasmijn Bleijerveld - Jasmine Bee

    Jasmijn Bleijerveld - Jasmine Bee

    Jasmine Bee is an organic Tanzanian honey brand of exclusive quality created through improvement of traditional beekeeping sector that will enable the sustainable development of livelihoods and conservation of biodiversity. Jasmine Bee is seeking assistance with supply chain management and accounting procedures.
  • John Mugo - Micro Health Initiative

    John Mugo - Micro Health Initiative

    MHI offers low cost health insurance to low and middle-income earners across the Kilimanjaro region. MHI is seeking assistance with sales strategy, internal systems and financial processes.
  • Liz McNeil - Last Mile

    Liz McNeil - Last Mile

    Last Mile is a new social business which improves access to affordable, life-changing products and services through a distribution network of trained, local sales agents. Last Mile is seeking assistance with product research, sourcing, and distribution strategy.
  • Mesiaki Kimirei - Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

    Mesiaki Kimirei - Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

    SWCEA manufactures and distributes the Maji Salama ceramic pot filter that, when used, minimises disease and death from drinking unsafe water. SWCEA is seeking assistance with development of distribution and sales model, accounting procedures, and production procedures.
  • Robert Mafie - Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT)

    Robert Mafie - Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT)

    ACTT distributes low-cost, high quality refurbished computers obtained from Europe to schools throughout the Kilimanjaro region. ACTT is seeking assistance with revenue diversification and sales strategy.
  • Goodluck Gamaliel - Iko Eco

    Goodluck Gamaliel - Iko Eco

    Iko Eco implements accessible collection programs in Moshi to encourage the safe and appropriate disposal of plastic waste while providing a reliable source of income for underserved individuals. Iko Eco is seeking assistance with market research.
  • Steve S’ningo - Image Impact

    Steve S’ningo - Image Impact

    Image Impact is a media and production company that assists socially focused organisations in packaging, and communicating their impact to outside parties.
  • Victoria Riwa - Datasky Systems Training Center

    Victoria Riwa - Datasky Systems Training Center

    With over 15 years experience in vocational education, Datasky Systems Training Center and its team of qualified trainers provide students with skills that will shape their future both as employees and self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • Yaseen Mshuza - Jamii Poultry

    Yaseen Mshuza - Jamii Poultry & Agro Products

    Jamii produce and sell organic eggs, poultry and other products.

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