Join the Anza Internship Programme

The Anza Internship Programme


We are seeking bright, determined students who have the potential to support the growth of social businesses in Tanzania. The Anza Internship Programme pairs you with a social entrepreneur to work on a project in Moshi, Tanzania. With support from Anza’s Business Development team, this is great opportunity for you to grow your professional skills and make a meaningful contribution to a social business in Tanzania.

The Role

  • Apply

    Send your CV and cover letter to If you look like a good fit, you’ll be invited to a Skype interview. Successful candidates will be offered a role with Anza that fits within your academic timetable. 


  • Step 2

    Pre-Departure Preparation

    We’ll give you all the information you need to make sure you’re ready to come out to Tanzania and hit the ground running. 

  • Step 3

    Learn about your Entrepreneur

    Your Business Development Associate will introduce you to the entrepreneur so that you can get to know them and their social business. 

  • Step 4

    Your Project

    Get started! You could be helping to develop monitoring and evaluation plans, create branding packages, carry out research projects, set up social media, coordinate a pilot project, design a sponsorship package, and more!

  • Gain New Skills

    Once your time with Anza is complete you’ll have a host of new skills that are tried and tested in a professional environment. You’ll also have a strong reference you can add to your CV. 

Anza’s Interns are….

University Students

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a post-graduate student, we’ll match you to a social entrepreneur who you can learn from, and contribute to the development of their business.

Studying in a variety of disciplines

With a particular interest in: Business Management, Business Administration, International Development, Engineering, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Law,  Accounting and Finance, Research. 

Looking for real-life experience

Seeking practical experience in the field of international development and business. You are looking to apply your skills working in a professional environment.

Enthusiastic to learn 

Seeking the opportunity to learn and develop, working with our experienced staff and social entrepreneurs.

Excited to gain experience in a new culture

Spending 4 to 12 weeks in Tanzania, you’ll be excited to step into a new environment. 

Apply Now!

Send your CV and cover letter to to apply.